TMD plotter — Welcome

How to use the TMDplotter?

All forms are very similar and intended to be easy of use:

Finally, you can submit or reset the form. A third button helps add one more curve entry (it actually copies the last entry). By the way, we hope that you will appreciate the smart legend!
Note: the executable is intended to be released in a near future, including a smart command line, in order to test locally personal fits.

Once more, do not hesitate to take contact with us to include new sets, both from TMDlib or LHAPDF.

Plot TMDs

Calculate values of xA(x,kt,p) for any TMD. Generate and compare one-dimensional plots of xA(x,kt,p) vs. x, kt or p:

Note: the collinear PDFs cannot be plotted at the TMD level. Some prescriptions exist in order to derivate them and might be included if a strong demand is expressed.

Plot collinear PDFs

Plot collinear PDFs or integral of TMD on transverse momentum as a function of momentum fraction. Very soon will come the possibility to plot collinear PDFs as a function of the energy scale.
Reminder: in the case of integral of TMDs, there is a control on the integration limits.